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Our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertsing Programs
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We create and manage your campaigns.  Our cost to you is transparent.  We charge you for the level of campaign management that you decide is right for you.  Unlike many Internet marketing companies, we do not markup or add a surcharge on each click that you receive on your PPC campaign.  You only pay for the cost of each click as charged by the PPC provider, i.e. Google AdWords.  There are no hidden costs to you.



Why pay for Pay-Per-Click when your site can be shown in the natural results at no cost?

There are many good reasons:



  • PPC Delivers IMMEDIATE RESULTS in search engines
  • Specific Products and Services Can Be Targeted
  • Landing Pages Are Designed to Improve Response and Results
  • With Paid Search Advertising, you set your budget. Adjustments to that budget can be made in real time.
  • No long-term commitments or penalties for changing your advertising programs.